Friday, 22 September 2017

Duffy Role Model Assembly

On Monday, Glenbrae School had a visitor, Niva Retimanu.NIva Retimanu was a journalist and a Newsreader. She was born in inveigler, but was Samoan came to not only celebrate Duffy role model, but also to tell us all about her career.

Firstly, Aaliyahna and Loto, our student leaders introduced her and some of what she did in her career.Then NIva read us a book called Kiss Kiss Yuck Yuck!it was about a boy who’s aunty always gave him sloppy kisses.

After that Niva handed us the books room by room in order of Room 1, Room 4, Room 5, Room 7, Room 8, Room 9 and room 10.(our class)

Then Glenbrae School all sang the duffy song along sang with Niva and the glenbrae teacheres

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